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Cactus Plumbing and Air is a trusted plumbing and HVAC services provider in Chandler, AZ.


Welcome to Cactus Plumbing and Air, where exceptional service and unwavering customer commitment converge to bring you a seamless plumbing and HVAC experience in Chandler, AZ. With a reputation built on expertise, integrity, and excellence, Cactus Plumbing and Air stands as the premier choice for all your plumbing and air conditioning needs.

As a pillar of reliability in the Chandler community, Cactus Plumbing and Air takes immense pride in its comprehensive range of services. From swift and efficient plumbing repairs to innovative HVAC solutions, their team of seasoned professionals ensures that every job is executed with precision and care. No challenge is too daunting; no task is too small. Each project is met with a dedication that stems from a genuine passion for serving the local community.

What sets us apart is their customer-centric approach. They understand that plumbing and HVAC issues can disrupt your daily routine and comfort. That’s why they prioritize responsiveness and punctuality, ensuring that your needs are met promptly. By offering transparent assessments and personalized solutions, they empower you to make informed decisions for your home or business.

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Services Offered
Faucet RepairEffective and efficient solutions for repairing faucets swiftly, restoring functionality, and preventing water wastage. These solutions guarantee a seamless water flow in both residential and commercial settings.
Shower Repair
Proficient shower repair services designed to tackle leaks, temperature irregularities, or operational glitches. Our experts ensure a hassle-free restoration of your daily bathing routine.
Sink RepairExpertise in comprehensive sink repair, swiftly resolving leaks, clogs, or damages to uphold a functional and tidy space.Sink Repair
Leak RepairTimely leak detection and repair services to prevent water damage, conserving resources and safeguarding your property.
Sump PumpDependable sump pump solutions to prevent basement flooding, providing effective water management during heavy rains.
Garbage Disposal ServicesEfficient garbage disposal repair and maintenance to ensure a clean and odor-free kitchen environment.Garbage Disposal
Water Heater Installation, Repair & ReplacementProficient water heater services encompassing installation, repair, or replacement, guaranteeing a reliable and uninterrupted hot water supply.
Toilet RepairPrompt toilet repair solutions to address flushing issues, leaks, or malfunctions, restoring optimal performance and convenience.Toilet Repair
Drain CleaningComprehensive drain cleaning services aimed at eliminating clogs and reinstating seamless drainage, preventing backups and potential water damage.
Tankless Water Heater InstallationState-of-the-art installation of tankless water heaters, providing instant hot water as needed, while optimizing energy consumption and space utilization.Water Heater
HVAC ServiceExhaustive HVAC services catering to heating and cooling systems, guaranteeing year-round comfort and maintaining indoor air quality.
Electric Water Heater InstallationProficiently installing electric water heaters to meet your hot water requirements while prioritizing energy efficiency.
The plumbing system for a water heater operates in the following way: Cold water is introduced through a pipe into the tank’s bottom, where the heating elements are situated. As the water heats up, it moves upwards within the tank. When needed, it can be drawn from the top through the hot water pipe. In times of no hot water usage, the heated water remains in the tank and is consistently kept at the desired temperature.
A continuously running toilet often has a straightforward solution. The top three usual culprits are a malfunctioning or grimy flapper, an excessively short or long chain between the flush lever and the flapper, or a mispositioned float.
Plumbers address stubborn clogs by employing a hydro jet in some cases. This device propels high-pressure water through pipes to disintegrate blockages within drains. It’s frequently a quicker and more effective alternative to a conventional drain snake.
After a water shutdown, it is recommended to flush your pipes for a duration of 30 minutes. This step is essential to ensure safety, particularly if your water service has been interrupted and then restored. Stagnant water within pipes could potentially contain unsafe elements like lead, copper, and other sediments that aren’t suitable for consumption or cooking purposes.
Is it possible to track down a water leak? Yes, you can identify leaks within walls by observing certain telltale signs of water damage, such as paint or wallpaper peeling, as well as patches of discoloration. An indoor musty odor can also serve as an indicator of a water leak. To precisely locate the source of a water leak, you can employ methods like utilizing a water meter or making incisions into your walls.
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